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The Spock's Beard and Pattern Seeking Animals drummer already recording

The ANABASIS, the progressive rock collaborative of Barry Thompson (music) and George Andrade (words), announce that Jimmy Keegan will record drums for the band’s long-awaited sophomore release, The Battle – An Opioid Story, a rock opera written to benefit the Edwina Martin House in Brockton, MA.

One of Massachusetts’s first recovery homes, designed specifically for women, the Edwina Martin House offers services to 21 women and can accommodate up to 4 infants at a time. Linkages with local health services enable pregnant and post-partum women the opportunity to begin recovery and motherhood simultaneously, with better health outcomes for both mother and child.  

“Every aspect of the project is geared towards raising awareness about the other epidemic that’s still raging behind the scenes in this country: the opioid crisis,” says composer Barry Thompson. “We’ve written a rock opera about a family’s struggle with opioid addiction, and we’re going to donate every penny of income generated through sales to a local drug rehab for pregnant and postpartum women.”


Jimmy Keegan began touring on drums with Spock’s Beard in support of the band’s first post-Neal Morse release Feel Euphoria (2003), allowing Nick D’Virgilio to take over duties as front-man for the group. With the departure of D’Virgilio in 2012, Jimmy officially took over the chair, becoming The Beard’s second only full time drummer, and he recorded with the band on the releases of  Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep (2013) and The Oblivion Particle (2015). He has since become the drummer for Pattern Seeking Animals, the new progressive rock collective of Spock’s Beard alumni, and has recorded the self-titled debut Pattern Seeking Animals (2019) and Prehensile Tales (2020) with the band.


“The early recordings of Jimmy’s drum work have already jumped from the speakers and blown me away,” says lyricist George Andrade. “His drumming is going to have the effect of giving this rock opera a LIVE feel, as if we were experiencing the kinetic energy of a show on stage, which is going to be amazing.”

Barry Thompson has been involved in producing benefit albums as far back as 2005, when he spearheaded the production of The Tsunami Projekt, a double CD compilation of demos and singles from various progressive rock artists that raised over $10,000 for the people devastated by the 2004 Asian Tsunami. In that time, he also co-wrote and assisted in the producton of Fractured, the debut album of Boston-based progressive rock band Split Personality (Digital Chemistry, 2005). In 2009, he wrote the music and produced Back from Being Gone, the debut album by the progressive metal band The ANABASIS (10t Records, 2011).


In light of his charity work, Barry has recently redefined the group’s mission statement: “I’ve changed the mission of The ANABASIS to a non-profit enterprise focused on raising funds and awareness for causes that are dear to me.”

George Andrade began writing for music in 2009 when he developed the concept, wrote the lyrics, and was executive producer for Back from Being Gone, the debut album by the progressive metal band The ANABASIS (10t Records, 2011); during this time, he also developed the story, wrote the book and lyrics, and was co-producer for AIRS - A Rock Opera, the debut album from the writing collaborative Brockmann-Andrade (Fencesound Music, 2012). He has recently written the lyrics to Steve Brockmann’s Vision of Choice debut Mistress of the Gods (Fencesound Music, 2020), as well as the book & lyrics to THE?LIE, a rock opera from German neo-progressive rock band Seven Steps To The Green Door (Progressive Promotions Records, 2019).

“… a cut above the rest in terms of lyrical content, which is genuinely thought-provoking and accurately researched without being overly pretentious.”
Rafaella Berry – Fire of Unknown Origin

“The most distinct use (of themes explored and revisited) is found on the opening piece Rome and the final song Egypt, with the repetition of a striking lyrical and musical theme…”
Olav M. Bjornsen - Progressor


The Battle – An Opioid Story is the long-awaited follow-up album to Back From Being Gone (10t Records, 2011), the critically successful debut album from The ANABASIS.  



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